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With you at every turn

Prices and Fees

Fees can also be paid in car via Cash, Debit/Credit Card or Bank Transfer3

1 Hour Lesson / 1L

1 hour lesson £28

1 1/2 hour lesson

1 1/2 hour lesson £40

2 hour Lesson

2 hour Lesson £53

5 lesson introductory offer

5 lesson introductory offer1 £120

Practical Test fees

Practical Test fees £50

Extended Driving Practical Test

Extended Driving Practical Test £70

Lessons in own car

Lessons in own car2 £26

Motorway Refresher Lessons

Motorway Refresher Lessons £50

Please call Lee on 07545631289 for further enquiries

1: The introductory offer is only available to new drivers with no experience.

It can only be purchased once per driver

2: Lessons in your own car are subject to Agnew Driving Schools Terms and Conditions, please check here for further details.

* All lesson fees are to be paid in advance of the lesson or at the start of each lesson.

3: Please Contact for Bank Transfer Details